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These are common modalities that can be used alone, or added to your Acupuncture treatment.


Moxa is the use of the herb Artemesia vulgaris AKA mugwort, Aiye to facilitate healing, by burning it over Acupuncture points. This spongy like herb is called Moxa, and the treatment is called Moxibustion within traditional Chinese medicine. The burning of moxa is believed to expel cold, and damp by warming the channels, which leads to smoother flow of qi and blood. The moxa wool that is made by Artemesia Vulgaris can produce mild heat, which is able to penetrate deeply into the muscles. (CAM, 2009)


Cupping is an ancient method for relieving sore muscles by promoting blood flow and stimulating the release of toxins. These toxins maybe brought to the surface, which can cause temporary circular marks that will fade in 24 hours and usually disappear within a week. The mark is an indication that some variety of pathogens has been brought to the surface by the drawing power of the cupping vessel. (Bentley, 2011) Cupping strengthens the body’s own of self-healing; studies have shown it widens the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow at the cupping sites.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is defined as repeated, unidirectional, strokes of the lubricated skin area with a smooth-edged instrument, until Sha appear due to blood congestion. The first, Gua, means to rub or to scrape, and the second, Sha, is the name given to red dotting and discoloration that appears at the skin surface during and after treatment. Gua sha literally means to rub out sha. The Sha is a positive response and can bring immediate results releasing pain and inflammation from superficial and deeper levels of the body. This can add more mobility to areas of tightness and tension.

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